Marilyn Wheeler Willer

Ancestor Surnames

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Surnames for Marilyn A. (Wheeler) Willer

BADGER - Virginia
BAUSCHER - France; Berks County, Pennsylvania; and Ohio
BOUCHER - France; Berks County, Pennsylvania; and Ohio
BOWSER - France; Berks County, Pennsylvania; and Ohio
BENNETT - England
BOSWORTH - England and Massachusetts
CAMPBELL - Palatine, Germany; and Pennsylvania
CHAPLINE - Virginia
CLIFTON - Ohio (Cherokee)
CURTIS - England, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio
DEAL (Diehl) - Germany, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
DEWEES - Holland and Pennsylvania
DOUWES - Netherlands and New York
DOWSETT - England and Massachusetts
DRACH - France
ELY - New Jersey, Kentucky, and Ohio
FRY - Virginia and Ohio
GLADWYN - England
GOODENOW - England and Massechusetts
GOULD - England and Massachusetts
GOVERTS - Holland
GROTEN - Virginia
HAGENBACH - Pennsylvania
HALE - England and Massachusetts
HARPSTER - Palatine, Germany; Northumberland County, Pennsylvania; and Ohio
HARVEY - England
HARVIE - England
HEDGES - Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia
HENNI - Switzerland
HOLYOKE - England
HUTCHINSON - England and Massachusetts
JACOBSON (van Kuykendall) - New York
JANS - Holland
KENT - Germany, Virginia, and Ohio
KERSHNER - Palatine, Germany
KIND - Germany, Virginia, and Ohio
KINDT - Germany, Virginia, and Ohio
KINT - Germany, Virginia, and Ohio
KIRBY - England
KIRKENDALL - New Jersey and Ohio
KUYKENDALL - Netherlands and New York
LARGENT (SARGENT) - Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio
LIEBENGUT - Switzerland and Pennsylania
LIEUWES - Holland
LIEVENS - Holland and Pennsylvania
LORTON (Lurton) - Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio
LUURSEN - Netherlands
MARTIN - Maryland
McMILLEN - New Hampshire and Ohio
MILES - Massachusetts
MOHN - Switzerland
OVERMIER - Pennsylvania
PORTER - Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio
PUTNAM - England and Massachusetts
REICHELDERFER - Germany, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
REICHELSDOERFER - Germany, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
REITENOUER - Germany, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
REITNAUR - Switzerland
RIDENOUR - France, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
RIGGEN - Ireland, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, and Ohio
RITTENHOUSE - Germany and Pennsylvania
SCHAR (SHOR) - Switzerland
SCHUMACHER - Berks County, Pennsylvania; and Ohio
SHOEMAKER - Berks County, Pennsylvania; and Ohio
STALCUP - Maryland
STAPLETON - Germany, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
STEBLETON - Germany, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
STEELE - England, Massachusetts, and Ohio
STEPLETON - Germany, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
STIRN - Germany and Ohio
STOCKTON - England and Massachusetts
STOKES - England
STOUT - Pennsylvania and Ohio
TACK - Netherlands and New York
VOLCK - Pennsylvania
WALTHERS - Pennsylvania and Ohio
WALTHER - Pennsylvania and Ohio
WALTERS - Pennsylvania and Ohio
WARRINGTON - Maryland and Ohio
WATT - Kentucky and Ohio
WESTFALL (Westvaal) - Holland and New York
WHEELER - Maryland and Ohio (Native American?)
WIGGERZ - Netherlands
WILLIAMS - Pennsylvania
WOULDBIE - England
YOUNG - Germany; Berkeley County, Virginia; W. Virginia; Shelby and Sandusky Counties, Ohio

Surnames for George E. Willer, Jr.

BENNER - Pennyslvania and Ohio
BLAZEK - Austria, Czechoslovakia, Texas, and Ohio
BRUNNER - Pennsylvania
CEJNAR - Czechoslovakia and Ohio
DUSKE - Germany
ENGLEMAN - Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
FICK - Germany
HENSEL - Pennsylvania and Ohio
KIACER - Czechoslovakia
KOCORA - Czechoslovakia
OVERMYER - Pennsylvania and Ohio
REED - Pennsylvania and Ohio
REID - Pennsylvania
SCHMIDTKE - Germany and Ohio
SMITH - Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
WETZEL - Moravia
WEZEL - Moravia
WILLER - Germany and Ohio
WOLFE - Pennsylvania and Ohio

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